Our topsoil is a sandy loam topsoil which has been run through a Powerscreen with a 3/8" flat

SB 1383

COLOR MIX - Composted wood color mix

This product is made from wood chips that have been dyed with naturally occurring elements.

SB 1383

30/70 COMPOST MIX - Composted 30/70 mix

70% compost and 30% screened sandy loam topsoil.

SB 1383

50/50 TOP SOIL BLEND - Composted Planter Mix

The 50/50 Topsoil Blend consists of 50% screened sandy loam topsoil

SB 1383

70/30 TOPSOIL MIX - Composted 70/30 mix

70% screened sandy loam topsoil and 30% compost.

SB 1383

NURSERY MIX - Composted nursery mix

Nursery Mix Potting soil

SB 1383

SEED COVER - Composted seed cover

Seed Cover. Fine grind compost for seed topper.