Beach Pebbles

BAGGED MEXICAN BEACH PEBBLE 1/2"-1", 1"-2", 2"-3" & 3"-5"


BLACK-MEXICAN BEACH PEBBLE 1/2"-1", 1"-2", 2"-3" & 3"-5"

Black Mexican beach pebbles while are more commonly lighter and dark gray tones when dry. Using a sealer over will darken and leave a sheen, giving a wet appearance.

MIXED-MEXICAN BEACH PEBBLE 1/2"-1", 1"-2", 2"-3" & 3"-5"

The Mexican mixed beach pebble collection offers a diverse range of sizes and colors, making it a versatile and attractive choice for various landscaping projects. Here's a breakdown of the key characteristics: Size Range: The pebbles in this collection vary in size, ranging from 1/2 inch up to 6 inches in cobble form. This broad size range allows for creative and customizable design options, catering to different project requirements. Color Palette: Light Slate: This color adds a subtle and sophisticated touch to the pebble mix, providing a neutral and versatile option for blending with different elements in the landscape. Dark Gray: The inclusion of dark gray pebbles introduces depth and contrast to the collection, enhancing visual interest and contributing to a dynamic overall look. Tan/Buff: Tan and buff hues bring warmth to the mix, creating a natural and inviting color variation. These tones can complement various outdoor settings and plant palettes. Plum Purple: The presence of plum purple pebbles adds a unique and rich burst of color, creating focal points and visual intrigue within the landscape. This diverse color palette allows for creative combinations, enabling landscape designers and homeowners to achieve a customized look that suits their preferences and complements the surrounding environment. Whether used in ground cover, walkways, driveways, planters, or water features, the Mexican mixed beach pebble collection offers a harmonious blend of sizes and colors, allowing for the creation of aesthetically pleasing and distinctive outdoor spaces.

RED -MEXICAN BEACH PEBBLE 1/2"-1", 1"-2", 2"-3" & 3"-5"

Red Mexican Beach Pebbles. Hand selected beach pebbles, smooth, flat & rounded, red and plum purple color.

SONORA RIVER ROCK-MEXICAN BEACH PEBBLE 1/2"-1", 1"-2", 2"-3" & 3"-5"

Sonora River Pebbles in rich and bold colors like orange, copper, golden yellow, and rich browns ranging in sizes from 1 to 3 inches. These pebbles would likely add warm and earthy feel.


Baja River Rock.This is one of the highest qualities of Mexican river rocks directly from Baja, Mexico. * Picture shown is washed.


Yuba 3/8". Beautiful decorative concrete topping, or for paving walkways. * Picture shown is washed.