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Playground Chips - Bark & Mulch

Playground Chips. Specifically for in and around playground areas. The material is primarily fir bark chips and a small percentage of pine chips.

Product Type: Wood Chips
Product Specifications: Playground Chips. Certified playground chips.

  • Material is a mix of random sized wood chips, comprised of 97% to 100% Fir and 0% to 3% Pine. Material passes through a ¾ inch screening process.
  • Playground Chips meet the ASTM F-1292 Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surface System Under and Around Playground Equipment. Playground Chips also meet the maneuverability performance requirements of the ASTM F 1951 Surface Test. Playground Chips have also been tested using the method described in the 16 CFR 1500.44 of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act for rigid and pliable solids, which certifies its non-flammability. Playground Chips meet the ASTM F2075-04 Hazardous Metals and the ASTM F2075- Section 7 Sieve Test.
  • Material is free of twigs, bark, leaf debris and any other organic material. Material is manufactured from 100% clean wood; no “scrap wood”, i.e. pallets and or demolition wood used.
  • Material is free of any foreign objects such as nails, trash, and/or chemical additives.
  • Material is non-toxic.

Installation Recommendations:
Playground Chips to be installed to a depth of twelve inches (12”) after settling.
Playground Chips will compact over time due to use and weathering and may reduce effectiveness. We recommend raking and rototilling the Playground Chips every 2-3 months.
Good drainage is essential to maintaining Playground Chips. Standing water in Playground Chips also reduces effectiveness and leads to compaction and decomposition.
Bag Size: 2CU. FT.

Playground Chips - Bark & Mulch

Playground Chips – Bark & Mulch